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ight. Water gu▓shes from the three mouths of Baotu Spring all year round, feeding its people, and telling its stories. Spe▓aking of Daming Lake, besides its wonderful l▓ak

e scenery and Spring Festival Temple Fair, its frog population is an odd lot - they never croak. T▓he story goes that once Qing emperor Qianlong visited Daming Lake and was impressed by its beauty, marred only by the noisy frogs wh▓o disturbed his slee

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p. The emperor ordered t▓hem to keep shut. They did - and have been doing so for generations thereafter. No one as yet come up with a scientific explanation for this unique phenomenon, an▓d so the legend endures. Jinan is al

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so a good place for foreigners to practice their Chinese. The local dialect shares the same pronunciation as Putonghua for almost every Chinese character, but uses different tones. Hence, those st

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